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Exams and assessments, we all hate them, but most of us will have to do at least one in our life.

School and exams are important and don’t get me wrong, the time before exams and exam time is stressful. But whether this is your last year at school or not, you have to remember that there is more to life than stressing over exams, assessments and having your head in books twenty four hours a day - so keep it in perspective!

So exams are coming up - what do you do?
Here are some tips…
• Organise and keep to a study plan that gives equal time to each subject and has a structure
• Take adequate breaks – at least a breather every hour.  It’s good to get a mix of physical activity (even as little as a walk up the shop) and relaxing activities that you like to do like listening to music or reading magazines.
• It might be a good idea to speak with someone who has already survived this tough time
• Eat proper meals - try to cut down on having too many snack foods and don’t overdo the caffeine
• Get adequate sleep and rest each night
• Keep positive and be realistic – you can only do your best
• Focus on looking forward and on what you have to do next - once you have finished an exam don’t dwell on it - focus on the next exam
• Still keep in touch with friends - they can be your greatest support. Try to hang out with people that make you feel OK and keep you feeling positive - it could be a good idea to take time out from friends who might add to your anxiety

How do you get through the wait for your results?
First things first, before you find out your results, have a celebration. This is the time to party or do something that celebrates the fact that you have finished for the year. Then you can swing into the waiting game.
While you are waiting for your marks and results, time can seem to go quickly or slowly depending on what you do. So here are some ideas to get you through:
• Have plans A, B & C in place about the directions you might take after getting your results. Try writing them down to help you think them through. Look at all your options and speak with a careers counsellor to help develop your plans
• You might think about doing some volunteer work or getting a part-time job over the holiday period. It’s a good way to keep busy and earn some money or gain some experience as well
• Remember to in keep in touch with friends who can support you as much as you support them


Exams and exam results can be tough especially when things don’t turn out the way you hoped. For some people this might mean major disappointment and it might affect how you feel about yourself. You might feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking to other people about your results and might worry about how others see you. The truth of the matter is friends and family will generally want to support you during this time.

It might be hard but you can turn your disappointment into a clear plan for your future - there is always another pathway to get where you want to be.  It might take longer but you can still achieve your goals.

So have fun, relax, hang with your friends, and remember do anything but think about school and exams!