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Mind Yourself – Take the First Step
This is a four week modular programme for adults within the community to promote coping skills, general well-being and positive mental health.  The programme also covers mental health awareness, coping with bereavement and the aftermath of suicide and looks at stress management including various relaxation techniques such as meditation.

Mind Yourself – Training for Trainers
This programme was devised for those currently working with young people.  The programme, which is divided into three modules will provide attendees with the skills and knowledge required to facilitate the ‘Mind Yourself’ Programme.  It includes an overview of suicide prevention research, an outline of the ‘Mind Yourself’ programme and how to present it and also covers self-care and stress management.  All those who complete the Training for Trainers programme will receive a comprehensive manual including all the materials needed to conduct the Mind Yourself programme.

Mind Yourself – Everyday
The ‘Mind Yourself – Everyday’ Programme was developed to be used specifically in a more
Clinical setting.    It is an extended version of the original programme.  It is presented over 6 individual 90 minute sessions and includes a range of practical exercises to promote coping skills, general well-being and positive mental health.

Mind Yourself – Postvention Programme
Postvention Programme was developed to deal with the aftermath of tragedies within the community.  The Postvention Programme includes all of the practical exercises in relation to coping that are included in the main programme but also includes additional information on coping with crisis situations and situations of grief and loss

Mind Yourself – Teacher Training
Teacher Training’ programme was developed to deal with the fall-out of tragedies such as suicide in the academic setting.  This programme includes an overview of suicide prevention research and the ‘Mind Yourself’ programme.  It also covers self-care and stress management and includes information on coping with crisis situations and handling tragedy or difficult situations within the school setting.

Physical Wellbeing/Mind Yourself programme
This programme is currently being developed.  It will be looking at the link
between physical and mental well-being with physical exercise incorporated into the

If you are interested in applying for a place on one of these courses or would like to obtain further information please contact Fiona on 087 9829224.